Urgent Warning: Deadly heroin batch believed to be cause of 13 deaths in just one month

The New South Wales State Coroner has issued an urgent warning following a spate of deaths in Sydney over just 4 weeks.

State Coroner Michael Barnes issued the warning on Tuesday, revealing a deadly batch of heroin sold throughout Sydney, is believed to be responsible for 13 deaths which occurred between 2 May and 3 June this year.

“In every case, the person was found slumped on the floor with a syringe in their hands or needles and drug paraphernalia strewn next to their body indicating a death shortly after the drug was injected,” Mr Barnes said.


“A spike in heroin overdoses over a short period suggests an unusually strong or corrupted supply being sold in Sydney.

“As State Coroner, I deal with hundreds of deaths each year and it is part of my role to make recommendations that can save lives.

“In this instance, there is an urgency to bring this spate of drug-related deaths to the attention of the public prior to any inquest being held.”

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Its been cut with something bad. It burns i had only a small amount andi felt it go through each organ of my body my hands hurt my head hurt and my heart hurt never experienced anythung like it before i was sick with a high temo for over a week and was to embarrassed to go to the hospital. I dont use anymore cos it scared me so bad and the pain was unbelievable!