US firefighter’s selfless act to honour his fallen colleagues on 9-11 will warm your heart

An image of a US firefighter honouring his fallen brothers and sisters on the anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks is going viral online.

Lezlie Bauler, an employee at Planet Fitness in Tennessee, uploaded the emotional photo to Facebook – explaining why the man was using the gym’s stair machine clothed head-to-toe in his work uniform.

“This man asked if it was okay for him to climb 110 sets of stairs, fully suited, in honor of his fallen brothers and sisters for 9-11,” she wrote.


“Yes sir, you can. I am not one to get emotional, but a few tears were shed,” Ms Bauler said.

“Thank you for your services.”

The image has received more than 133,000 shares since being posted just 18 hours ago.

“Thank you for sharing this. Such a beautiful moment in a time where we all seem so divided. We need to remember events like this where we came together as a country,” one user commented.