US Officers filmed attacking Australian press put on administrative tasks

Two officers caught on camera bashing an Australian cameraman and hitting a reporter have been put on administrative tasks over the incident.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows the cameraman cop a blow to the abdomen from a police shield, before then being hit in the face.

The accompanying journalist, Amelia Brace, was hit with a baton while the pair tried to move out of the way, all the while yelling ‘media, we’re the media’.


The incident took place in Washington earlier this week, with police and military forces aggressively trying to clear space around the White House for President Donald Trump to stage a photo op.

That event has already come under heavy criticism, with peaceful protests tear gassed as part of the process.

US Park Police have since revealed that the two officers involved in the specific incident involving the Australian press have been assigned administrative duties will an investigation takes place.

“As is consistent with our established practices and procedures, two U.S. Park Police officers have been assigned to administrative duties, while an investigation takes place regarding the incident with the Australian Press,” their statement reads.

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