US prepares for Joe Biden’s inauguration, Trump’s farewell

All eyes are on the United State today, for Donald Trump’s final day in the Presidential office.

Despite his best efforts to win the election, Trump will depart the White House later today, ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration tomorrow.

Usually, the outgoing President would host the incoming President at the White House before the inauguration, and would then attend the ceremony for a peaceful transition.


But none of that is expected to happen this year, with Donald Trump reportedly planning to return to Florida instead.

Vice President Mike Pence will attend the inauguration ceremony in his place.

President-elect Joe Biden has this morning arrived in Washington from his home today Delaware, after delivering an emotional speech to a small crowd of supporters.

“I know these are dark times, but there’s always light. That’s what makes this state so special. That’s what it taught me, it taught me the most — there’s always light,” Biden said.

Jennifer Lopez will perform at the ceremony, while Lady Gaga is expected to sing the national anthem.

The National Mall and the Washington Monument will be closed off to the public due to security and coronavirus concerns, with hundreds of flags erected instead.

Meantime, on Donald Trump’s final day in office, he’s expected to use his power to grant somewhere between 50 and 100 pardons.

He delivered a speech a short time ago, wishing the new administration the best.

“We did what we came here to do, and so much more.

“This week we inaugurate a new administration, and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous.

“We extend our best wishes,” Trump said.

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