US President evacuated by Secret Service mid-interview, due to White House shooting

The US President has just been rushed out of a media briefing room, following a security threat to the White House.

Secret Service officials were seen whispering in Donald Trump’s ear before he left the room mid-response.

It’s understood a shooting took place outside the White House, with law enforcement officials then shooting a person.


The President was taken to the Oval Office for a moment, while the incident unfolded.

Trump then returned to the media briefing room to confirm what had happened and to continue his press conference.

“Somebody’s been taken to the hospital, I don’t know the condition of the person.

“It seems the person was shot by the secret service, so we’ll see what happens,” Trump said at the podium.

The secret service is expected to provide more information on the incident shortly.

The White House has now gone into lockdown.