US step up attacks on ISIS, assisting France with bombing campaign

The US has stepped up its attacks on Islamic State to assist the French government with their bombing campaign in retaliation for Friday’s horror Paris attacks.

The US military today striked more than 100 trucks in the Islamic state’s industrial base.

It comes after French president François Hollande pledged to intensify his country’s airstrikes against the terror group, as the mastermind behind Friday’s attacks in Paris was revealed to be a Belgian-born Isis extremist living in Syria.


Hollande revealed that France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, with 26 fighter jets on board, will be deployed to increase France’s capacity to carry out air strikes in Syria.

Meanwhile, the chief of France’s internal intelligence service is under fire, after his agency let one of the terror suspects go following a security check at Cambrai.

Salah Abdeslam, 26, was stopped by a security check at Cambrai on Saturday morning but the French police let him and two men in his car go after deciding that he was not a threat.

It was also revealed that Turkish officals had previously warned France about Abdeslam twice before, but had not received any requests for further information until after the attacks took place on Friday.

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed the lives of 129 and injured hundreds more, US governors have threatened to stop accepting Syrian refugees.