The US to withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

President Donald Trump has pulled out of the historic Paris agreement to curb climate change.

The deal was signed in 2015 along with 194 countries including Australia in a bid to slow global warming and rising sea levels.

Today’s announcement in the White House Rose Garden, fulfills Mr Trump’s election promise to withdraw from the deal, which he has described as a job killer.


“As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country.

“So we’re getting out but we’ll start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that’s fair. And if we can, that’s great. And if we can’t, that’s fine,” he said.

He suggested that other nations were “laughing” at the US and that the accord was “about other countries gaining an advantage over the United States”.

“At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us as a country?” Mr Trump said.

“We want fair treatment for its citizens and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers.

“We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won’t be, they won’t be.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburg, not Paris.”

The President said the US will either re-enter the Paris Climate Accord or propose a new deal “on terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers”.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that Australia was still committed to the accord.

“When Australia makes a commitment to a global agreement, we follow through and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” he told Parliament.