Usain Bolt in quarantine after taking coronavirus test

There are fears the fastest man in the world has come down with coronavirus, while he waits for results in quarantine.

Usain Bolt posted a video to social media confirming he’d had a test over the weekend, but he has not said whether it’s come back positive or not.

But, he’s now quarantining himself in Jamaica, and says he’s reached out to friends that he’s been in contact with to tell them to do the same.


“This weekend, like everybody else, I checked social media and saw social media say that I’m confirmed of COVID-19.

“I did a test on Saturday to leave (Jamaica) because I have work.

“I am trying to be responsible so I am going to stay in and be safe.

“Also, I am having no symptoms, I will quarantine myself and wait on the confirmation to see what is the protocol and to see how I go about quarantining myself from the Ministry of Health.

“Until then, I will call my friends and tell them once they came in contact with me to be safe, quarantine and take it easy,” Bolt said.

It comes just days after Bolt celebrated his 34th birthday, with a surprise party on Friday.

Images from the party show that social distancing measures weren’t strictly adhered to, and there are fears more cases could be linked to the event.



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Stay Safe my ppl 🙏🏿

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