Usman Khawaja’s brother arrested in relation to a “terrorist notebook”

The brother of Australian Test Cricketer Usman Khawaja has been arrested following a police investigation into a “terrorist notebook”

Arsalan Khawaja, 39, was taken into custody in Sydney this morning and has been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and one count of forgery.

His arrest comes three weeks after terror charges were dropped against a 25-year-old Sri Lankan man, who was wrongly accused of creating documents threatening to kill the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.


Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen was charged in August and spent four weeks behind bars. 

He was released last month after a handwriting expert found that he did not create the documents.

New South Wales Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Willing says the man has been cleared of any involvement.

“What we will be alleging is that he was set up in a planned and calculated manner, motivated in part by a personal grievance,” he said.

Usman Khawaja has addressed the media and says he won’t be making any comment on the matter and hopes they respect his, and his family’s, privacy.

Arsalan Khawaja has been denied bail and will front court this afternoon.