Fresh hope for son pleading to see dying dad in Gold Coast hospital

LATEST @ 9.25 AM | The Queensland Government has confirmed they will allow a man stuck in hotel quarantine in Sydney to visit his dying father on the Gold Coast.

However, the reunion will only be possible if the NSW Government agrees to break the the 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement.

Speaking to reporters a short time ago, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it will also be dependant on how the couple can be safely transported from Sydney to the Gold Coast.


“Dr Young and I had a lengthy discussion this morning and what we would like to see from the New South Wales Government, and this is a matter for the New South Wales Government, if they want to break the 14-day mandatory quarantine for this couple, and if they can provide Dr Young with how they will safely be transferred from Sydney to the Gold Coast, we, of course, will do everything we can to facilitate the reunion with his father at the earliest convenience,” the Premier said.

More to come.

EARLIER @ 8.30 AM | A man stuck in hotel quarantine in Sydney is pleading for the Queensland Government to allow him to see his dying father on the Gold Coast.

Mark Kilian and his wife are stranded in isolation in Sydney after rushing to Australia from Los Angeles.

All he wants to do is visit his 80-year-old father Frans Kilian, who is dying of pancreatic cancer in Robina hospital.

It’s understood Mark and his wife have both received their COVID vaccines and have provided at least three negative coronavirus tests while in quarantine.

However, the Queensland Government is continuing to deny them an exemption so that Mark can be with his father in his dying days.

“Unfortunately, the national guidelines, so what is agreed to federally, is the 14 days of quarantine for people coming overseas,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Tuesday.

An emotional Mark said all he wants to do is “be there for those last days, moments”.

“I love you pops and everything that we are doing is because I am because of what you are,” he told the TODAY show.

“I wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for you. He is everything to me. He is my father.”

Mark continued by accusing the State Government of having different rules for different people.

“They need to be clear or someone needs to tell us why is our situation not an exceptional circumstance,” he said.

“I’m watching sports folks being able to move in and out… They are allowed to be exempt from hotel quarantine.

“Movie stars and all these things, politicians are travelling across states. There are exceptional circumstances granted. 

“They need to be clear or someone needs to tell us why is our situation not an exceptional circumstance when a football player seems to be?

“It is very unclear and there needs to be clear on the legal framework to the people they represent.”

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