Vaccines for kids aged 5-11yo given final tick of approval

Covid-19 vaccines will officially be available to children from next month after passing the final hurdle.

ATAGI, Australia’s expert panel, has now approved the Pfizer jab for the use between the ages of five and 11.

It means the rollout can get underway from January 10 and bookings for appointments will be available from later this month.


The Pfizer dose will be watered down so it’s not as strong of a dose for the younger cohort.

National Cabinet is meeting today to discuss exactly how the rollout will work, but the jabs have not been made compulsory.

Infectious Diseases Expert Doctor Paul Griffin has told The Today Show that he doesn’t expect the vaccine to be made mandatory for this age group.

“I would think that we don’t make the vaccine mandatory in this group, we do know it’s a bit of a challenging decision in terms of going and getting the vaccine in this younger age group so I’d like to think that it’s voluntary for all but that the uptake is good.

“So we know the vaccine works really well in this group, we know it’s safe.

“Moving forward it’s going to be fantastic to have as many people protected in our population as possible,” Doctor Griffin said.