Valium tablets recalled nationwide over suspected tampering

Valium tablets are being recalled nationwide over fears some packets of the drug may have been tampered with.

In a recall notice issued by Roche, the drug maker says its five milligram tablets, which come in 50 tablet blister packs, may contain other medications which could pose serious health risks.

“Blister pack sheets containing other medicines may have been substituted into some packs of Valium 5mg tablets,” the recall notice reads.


“If a patient has an affected pack, there is a risk that they will not have an adequate supply of their medicine and could take the incorrect medicine, which could have serious health consequences.”

Roche says that all tablets or capsules supplied in a pack should be identical and any product names on the blister pack should match those on the external packaging.

Patients who take Valium 5mg tablets supplied in 50 tablet blister packs have been told to promptly return them to a pharmacy for a refund and to arrange an alternative medication.

Valium 5mg tablets are used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms and muscle spasms.