Vegemite chocolate taste test: is Cadbury’s new block awesome or evil?

Combining Australia’s most beloved breakfast spread with milk chocolate seems like the fever dream of a chocoholic who is looking for an excuse – any excuse – to start the chocolate eating early.

And so at 8.30 on Monday morning the Guardian newsdesk overcame their squeamishness and tasted the new offering from Cadbury – a milk chocolate block with caramel and Vegemite.

But where is the Vegemite?


Thankfully it’s not oozing out of the blocks where the caramel should be. That would be the stuff of science fiction (up there with the alien baby bursting out of Sigourney Weaver’s stomach in Aliens) – and would be a disgusting proposition to even to the most hardcore Vegemite fan.

Instead the addition of Vegemite is much more subtle – apparently mixed more or less evenly through the chocolate, and producing a salty edge to the Cadbury sweetness that is so in vogue today (think salted caramel everything).

The odour of Vegemite – so special, so unique – is still…


* This article originally ran in The Guardian – click to read in full.