The Veronicas reveal the secrets behind their topless glitter look at the ARIAs

They stole the show at the ARIAs last night, with their glittering topless look turning heads.

But how exactly did The Veronicas manage to keep all that glitter in place (so not to expose themselves on live TV) and how did they get it all off so quickly?


The Veronicas’ Jessica Origliasso took to Instagram today to reveal that they achieved the look thanks to a mixture of body paint and latex.

“It was an honour to host the ARIAS 30th awards in Sydney, last night,” she wrote. “It took the world’s best makeup & special effects team to get us ready for last nights performance & hosting… [and they] had 20mins to get all the glitter off our bodies. They were incredible.”

In the post, Jess revealed that the team that helped the twins pull together the look included Makeup artist Noni Smith, body painter Jess Watson Miller, latex designer Abigail Greydanus with overall styling was by The Morning Show’s style presenter Fleur Egan.