“Very concerned” State’s top doctor confirms child contracted virus off truckie

Queensland has recorded just one new local COVID-19 case today – a 4-year-old girl which was already announced yesterday.

The State’s top doctor has confirmed the child contracted the virus off a 46-year-old Logan truck driver who tested positive at Pimpama earlier this week.

The man, who is a close family friend and colleague of one of the child’s parents, remains the biggest concern for authorities as he was carrying “a lot of the virus” while infectious in the community for five days.


“I am very, very concerned because we have had this transmission,” Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said.

“I know from the CT value of the truck driver’s test result that he had a lot of virus there. The child didn’t, so I’m actually less concerned about the child”.

The young girl attended the Boulevard Early Learning Centre at Mt Warren Park on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, forcing more than 100 families from the daycare into quarantine for two weeks.

The centre is also used as an after school care for students who attend Windaroo State School, with more than 960 families from the school now also in home isolation as the state scrambles to avoid a major outbreak.

Dr Young said the truck driver and child attended the Beenleigh Marketplace on Monday, admitting she is worried about community transmission there.

“So the truckie attended there Monday morning. So last Monday morning and he was there while infectious. And he did go into that Stylish Nail salon for 45 minutes,” she said.

“We are working with the owners of that salon who have been very helpful to work through who else was there while he was there.”

However, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said contact tracers were struggling to track down customers who failed to check in to the salon.

“Sadly what we have seen is that people were not checking in… There was one person during that time who checked in with the check in app at the nail salon,” Ms Dath said.

“But we know there were at least eight customers there in addition to this gentleman and the child, and of course, four staff. 

“So we do need people to come forward because we can’t rely simply on the check in app data because people haven’t been checking in.”

Dr Young said authorities have been reviewing CCTV footage.

“We have been trying every way we can to find those people who attended that nail salon… That’s critical,” she said.

“So anyone who was there on that Monday morning between 10.30am and 11.45am, I need them to come forward.”

Dr Young also urged anyone who feels ill to get tested immediately.

“It’s really, really important that anyone who lives in that Beenleigh, Logan, upper Gold Coast area – any symptoms at all please come forward and immediately get tested,” she said.

“This is a really high-risk period for us, but if we manage it and we know we can manage these things, then it will work through.”

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath confirmed the cases have not yet sparked any further restrictions, but admitted the next 48 hours is “critical”.

“So far there is no restrictions on any stadium, any events. We are not changing the level of restrictions in Queensland other than in the Logan LGA area where we are restricting visitors around hospitals, aged care and disability facilities,” Ms D’Ath said.

“That’s a normal process when we are concerned that there may be community cases… That’s the only restrictions we have put in place.”

While Logan and surrounding areas including the Gold Coast have escaped going into lockdown for now, Dr Young said that could change if further cases emerge.

“Well, it depends on the cases. As I’m trying to say, I am actually not as worried about this child because we have got it under control,” she said.

“It depends, if we find cases who went to the Beenleigh Marketplace, and have then since been out infectious in the community in an uncontrolled situation, then that would lead me to think that we need to consider a lockdown.”

A full list of COVID-19 exposure sites linked to the cases can be found here.