‘Very critical day’ for Scenic Rim fires with wind changes and potential thunderstorm

Firefighters in the Hinterland and Scenic Rim are bracing for a couple of dangerous wind changes today, which could escalate bush fire.

Particularly over the fire ground in the Scenic Rim, there’ll be a south-westerly change later this morning, before potentially swinging around to the southeast later this afternoon.

Vince Rowlands from the Bureau says the wind changes could pose significant threats.


“The problem with the fire ground is that they’ll get the northerly winds this morning,  they’ll swing around to a west-southwest with the first part of the change – that’s a pretty dangerous time for the firies in the fire ground.

“But the problem is in the afternoon when the southeasterly change starts to push inland, that could eventually reach the fire ground sort of late afternoon and into the evening, which then produces another wind change for them.

“So yeah could be a very critical day for the fire grounds up around the Scenic Rim,” Mr Rowlands said.

The Hinterland and Scenic Rim region could also be in for a thunderstorm later this afternoon, and if it produces lightning it could also spark up new fires.

“Unfortunately this afternoon, there is a slight chance we could see some thunderstorm activity up there and it’s likely to be dry.

“There’s not a lot of moisture to feed into those thunderstorms, so if we do see some occurring it’s likely to be dry.

“The lightning poses problems as well because if there’s no rainfall with it then it could spark up some new fires,” Mr Rowlands said.

There could be some moisture headed our way over the weekend, though the Bureau warns even if it comes, there won’t be much.

“We’ll see a little bit of relief from the wind tomorrow.

“It’s still sort of looking like fairly hot conditions, then as we head into the weekend we’re still likely to see some thunderstorm activity around, and more likely to see some rainfall with that but still pretty isolated.

“We’d be lucky if we do see some rainfall over the fires in particular but yeah hopefully we do see some more rainfall over the weekend,” Mr Rowlands said.