“Very grateful” Qld Health grants exemption for Mark Kilian to see dying father

A man stuck in hotel quarantine in New South Wales has finally been granted an exemption by Queensland Health to see his dying father in a Gold Coast hospital.

Mark Kilian and his wife Anneli Gericke have been holed up inside their Sydney hotel room after being given an exemption by Border Force to fly to Australia from the US.

Despite both being fully vaccinated and testing negative to COVID four times, the couple has continually been denied entry into the sunshine state to see Mr Kilian’s father Frans, who is dying from pancreatic cancer in Robina Hospital.


But after gaining nationwide attraction on Wednesday, Queensland Health relented to pressure and confirmed in a statement at 6.55pm last night that their wish had been granted.

“We have issued an exemption to Mark Kilian and his partner, subject to NSW finalising arrangement of safe transfer of the couple to Queensland,” Queensland Health said.

“All quarantine exemption requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, in line with current national guidelines.

“It has been a nationally agreed position that all international arrivals must complete 14 days of quarantine in their port of arrival.

“Queensland’s approach has been in accordance with this national position.

“Queensland will follow any agreed changes to national guidelines.”

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It’s understood Mark and his wife are now awaiting test results on another COVID test, which are due to come back at around 10.00am this morning.

If negative, the couple will fly out in full protective gear on a private charter, which will touch down at the Gold Coast Airport this afternoon.

Mr Kilian said he is “very grateful” to have been given the exemption, and couldn’t wait to tell his father when he found out.

“He was the first call we made… He was just so sweet. He was very emotional and, you know, the second thing he said after ‘This is great news’,  he said ‘I hope this can help someone else’,” Mr Kilian told TODAY.

Mr Kilian’s wife Anneli admitted the couple is still in a “little bit of shock” after being granted the exemption, but said they are “absolutely thrilled”.

“I was saying to Mark, it is so interesting to be so happy to be so sad, you know. But we are very grateful. We just really didn’t have the words, we were so happy,” she said.

“It will be something I think we will all remember, for the rest of our lives. It will be probably one of the finest, most rewarding moments of our life”.

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Queensland premier should hang her head in the shameful way these people have been treated.NSW had advised a week ago they could travel but Queensland had continued to refuse access.Only due to media pressure and public backlash she has relented.Power corrupts

God help us when Dr Jeanette Young comes our gover general.Stop using excuses you are protection Queensland.This family has been treated discussed what is the point of having the vaccine if you still have to go into lock down.

I am led to believe she must either allow or dismiss any legislation put forward by the State. If this isn’t a job for the favoured, what is?

Where is the encouragement to get vaccinated? Fear and compliance is their answer.

Vaccine means nothing in Queensland. Disgraceful.

I heard no hugging allowed. Heartless.