Vic’s CHO victim of restrictions as state goes 16 days COVID-free

Victoria has just recorded yet another day with no new COVID-19 cases and no new deaths.

It takes the state’s streak of double doughnuts to 16 days.

There are still just three active cases remaining across Victoria.


At the same time there are now no mystery cases in the state.

More than 500 cases that had an unknown source have since been reclassified following further investigation.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Allan Cheng has urged people not to get complacent.

“What we’re still concerned about … is that there may still be the potential for hidden trains of transmission out there; obviously that chance is decreasing as time goes on,” he said on Saturday.

“And then obviously the potential for an incursion of cases from outside, from New Zealand or NSW.”

Meantime Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has become a victim of his own COVID restrictions.

Brett Sutton was turned away from a brewery in Bright not once, but twice.

Professor Sutton was one of thousands of Melburnians who fled the city after the so-called ‘ring of steel’ was removed.

“We’re sorry you couldn’t, in Premier Dan Andrews’ words, “Get On The Beers” with us, Brett – but we hope to see you again once restrictions ease,” the brewery posted on Instagram

“So the lesson is: it doesn’t matter who you are – if you’re planning to come and visit us, please book ahead! That includes you, Mr Sutton!”

Image: Instagram @ Bright Brewery