Victim of Sydney CBD stabbing rampage identified

A young woman, fatally stabbed in a Sydney apartment during a rampage in the CBD has been named as 24-year-old Michaela Dunn.

The body of Ms Dunn was found in a unit on Clarence St following a stabbing attack in the city yesterday.

She had suffered significant stab wounds to numerous parts of her body.


Police say while she is yet to be formally identified, they believe it is Ms Dunn.

20-year-old Mert Ney, accused of carrying out the attack, remains under Police guard in hospital.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller confirmed Ney had been at the Clarence St building for “business purposes”.

It had earlier been reported the victim was a sex worker.

Ney’s sister Yazel today apologised for his actions saying she was disgusted at what happened.

“Honestly I just want to say sorry, she was younger than me.

“All the words that I can say is never going to bring her back.

“I want to say that I’m really sorry, she was defenceless.”

Commissioner Fuller says they have not completely ruled out terrorist links to the incident, but at this stage they haven’t uncovered any evidence of that.

“Obviously there is an issue around his mental health and the fact of whether he was a lone actor or whether he was part of something more sinister,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“There are lots and lots of people to speak to, there will be touch points that will come up every day, we’ll continue to investigate, interview everyone to see if there’s that link to terrorism or if he’s just a criminal with mental health issues.

“We haven’t discounted any links to any groups other than the fact that our partners and national partners don’t have anything on him at the moment.”

Commissioner Fuller confirmed Ney had been on their radar but not for anything serious.

“His history is not remarkable, he has some low level issues around theft, malicious damage, he had some domestic violence issues linked back to his family that were significant or serious injuries however they were being investigated.”