Victoria facing stage four lockdown as COVID-19 crisis spirals

Victoria is facing even tougher restrictions with a New Zealand-style lockdown set to be announced, possibly as early as today.

The state recorded a further 397 cases on Saturday and three deaths, with the number of active cases set to top 6000 by the end of the weekend.

But it’s the high number of ‘mystery’ cases that has officials deeply concerned.


There was 49 cases on Saturday where they have no idea of the source of the infection, prompting fears the virus is spreading even wider across Melbourne.

“This is a very significant number of new cases and while it’s tempting to read into the trends there is a growing concern for community transmission,” Premier Daniel Andrews said on Saturday.

“Forty-nine doesn’t necessarily seem such a large number but 49 mysteries when it could be much more than that because you can’t find who that original case was, that is a significant concern to us.”

There are reports a stage four lockdown could be implemented for the Melbourne metropolitan area from Wednesday and be in force for at least six weeks.

The rest of the state would be placed into a stage three lockdown.

Under plans being considered, only essential businesses like supermarkets, pharmacies and petrol stations would remain open.

Travel would likely be restricted to within five kilometres of a person’s home while public transport would almost totally be shut down.