Victoria goes two weeks straight of no new coronavirus cases, no deaths

They’ve made it, Victoria has made it. Two weeks free of coronavirus, according to the latest figures.

There’s once again been no new cases and no new deaths reported overnight, for the fourteenth day in a row.

The positive figures all but confirm that the troubled state has eradicated the virus, after one of the harshest and longest lockdowns worldwide.


It comes as Victorians continue to lift restrictions, and begin getting back to normal without seeing any new outbreaks.

There has still been high amounts of testing, with over 12,000 people coming forward over the last 24 hours.

Just three infections are still considered active, while only one case still doesn’t have a transmission source.

It comes as state and territory leaders prepare to meet at National Cabinet this morning, with borders set to dominate discussions.

Queensland could let in Victorians as early as next month, if the state goes another two weeks of no new cases – effectively making it two full incubation cycles without new infections.

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