Victoria has no active coronavirus cases for first time in 8 months

Great news for Victoria, with the last active case of coronavirus now deemed ‘recovered’.

It’s been 25 days since a new coronavirus case was reported, as the state seems to have completely eradicated the virus.

There’s also been no new Covid deaths for that time as well.


But today marks a massive milestone for the southern state, which now has no active case of coronavirus whatsoever.

It’s the first time that’s happened in eight months.

“We are pleased to confirm there are now zero active cases of coronavirus in our state. The one remaining active case has now been cleared of the virus and discharged from hospital,” Premier Daniel Andrews said this morning.

“That’s great news for them and their family, and it presents us with an opportunity to yet again thank all of those nurses and doctors, hospital cleaners, ward clerks, ambos, the whole health team for the amazing work that they’ve done throughout this global pandemic event.

“Now, whilst that means there’s no active cases – and, of course, today there are no new cases – details will follow in terms of test numbers and things a bit later on today.

“This is far from over. Even with this run of zero days, no active cases, very strong testing performance, and people who are just doing the right thing, playing their part, until a vaccine arrives this is something that’s going to be with us for the foreseeable future,” the Premier said.