Victoria posts record number of daily coronavirus cases

Victoria has recorded its highest daily infection number for the entire coronavirus pandemic, with 766 cases diagnosed overnight.

That’s higher than last year’s record of 700 cases, diagnosed in August during the state’s long lockdown.

There were also a further four deaths announced this morning.


Over 62,000 people came forward for testing, while over 40,000 people came forward to get vaccinated over the last 24 period.

There are now 6,666 active infections throughout the state.

It comes as police prepare for another daily of protests within Melbourne, after three days of demonstrations that have turned violent.

Yesterday’s protest culminated at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned the protests while addressing reporters in Washington earlier this morning.

“I think those scenes were disgraceful and the conduct was disgraceful, I think the RSL President put it best ‘this is a sacred place, it’s not a place of protest’.

“It was disrespectful, and it dishonoured those Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“I would hope any and all who were engaged in that disgraceful behaviour would be ashamed,” the Prime Minister said.