Victoria records another six cases of community transmission

Melbourne’s coronavirus outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down, with another six infections recorded overnight.

All the latest cases are newly reported, and there were no further infections reported in hotel quarantine.

It means the local cluster grows to 60 cases. 67 cases in total, including hotel quarantine infections.


There was also a massive amount of testing carried out over the last 24 hours, with a whopping 51,000 people coming forward.

Victorian Authorities will provide more information about the newest cases in today’s press conference later on.

It’s now looking more than likely that the lockdown will be extended through what is supposed to be a long weekend for the state.

There are reports that regional areas may be free from the original lockdown end date at midnight tomorrow.

Those details are expected to be confirmed today after crisis talks were held overnight.

Earlier article: Victorian officials set to announce lockdown extension details today

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ABC news reported this had not been expected. Really? The new strain of Indian virus is almost pandemic in the UK and there have been reports for weeks that it is far more transmissible than previous COVID strains. Everyone here is encouraging vaccination but it has already proven that AstraZenica is only 60% effective against the new strain. That’s 4 in 6 who will catch it. But we cannot get the more effective vaccine, Pfizer because of lack of stocks and even if we do, it will go to all the under 50’s first. This government should hang its head in shame at the complete botch up instead of constantly congratulating themselves for their handling of the matter.