Victoria records just two new COVID cases and zero deaths

Some extremely encouraging signs for Victoria today, with the state recording their lowest number of daily cases since the beginning of June.

Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services confirmed on Friday that there have been just two new cases in the past 24 hours.

There have also been no new deaths, with the state’s death toll remaining at 816 and the national number at 904.


Melbourne’s rolling 14-day average has also fallen to 8.7, while Regional Victoria’s average remains stable at 0.6.

Worryingly however, the new figures also show the number of mystery cases in Melbourne have risen by two to 17 for the period between September 30 to October 13.

There were six coronavirus cases recorded yesterday and seven on Wednesday.

While numbers were back in double digits earlier this week with 12 new cases on Tuesday, and 15 cases on Monday.

More to come.