Victoria records largest spike in COVID-19, six deaths

Victoria has recorded its biggest daily increase in coronavirus cases, with 532 people diagnosed in the last 24 hours.

There’s also been a further six deaths, taking Victoria’s toll to 77 and the national toll to 161.

Today’s huge jump in cases takes Victoria’s total number to 8696.


There are now 4542 active cases across the state with 245 people in hospital and 44 of those in intensive care.

Five of the six overnight deaths are linked to aged care facilities while there are now 683 active cases connected to nursing homes.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has raised serious concerns about the high number of people who continue to go about their normal business despite having symptoms.

He has implored people not to go to work if they are sick and to get tested immediately.

“The key message today for every single Victorian regardless of where they work and regardless of where they live,  you simply can’t go to work if you have symptoms. You can’t go to work if you feel sick even mildly, you’ve got to come forward and get tested,” Mr Andrews said.

The Premier warned people going to work while sick will inevitably spread the virus.

“This is the biggest driver, it’s not the only issue, but it is the biggest driver of transmission. It is the biggest driver of these numbers going up rather than going down.”

“Right now, we are seeing too many people for whatever reason attending work with symptoms. That just cannot continue, otherwise, these restrictions will be in place for longer than they should be and I’m sorry to say, we’ll see more people die, particularly in aged care.”