Victoria sees new record spike in COVID-19 cases

Victoria has recorded a massive 317 new cases of coronavirus as the crisis in the state worsens.

It’s the biggest single daily increase anywhere in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Victoria has also recorded two new coronavirus-related deaths, taking the state’s death toll to 29.


There are now 2128 active cases across the state.

The number of people being treated in hospital has risen to 109, with 29 of those in intensive care.

Almost 29,000 people were tested in Victoria on Wednesday.

“It’s a massive and powerful contribution to our fight against the virus,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“You can’t contain this if you don’t know where it is and the most important thing for people to do, apart from of course following the rules, using common sense and good judgement, to come forward and get tested even if you have the most moderate and mildest of symptoms.”

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton admits the numbers may still get worse.

“I said yesterday, or earlier this week, we hadn’t hit our peak. We may still not have hit our peak,” Professor Sutton said.

“It’s a big number, it needs to turn around. In some ways, I expected it to turn around this week, but as I always said, it’s no guarantee. It’s upon all of us to be able to turn this number around.”

Premier Andrews says there are too many people who are still breaching restrictions, putting everyone at risk.

“We continue to see a smaller number of people making choices, not only are they wrong, they’re not particularly smart.

“Every individual, every family, every local community, the choices we all make absolutely determine how many people get this virus, how it spreads, and how long those restrictions will be in place for.

“We’ve all got a stake in this, a role, a contribution, a role to play and a contribution to make. If we all do that, then this strategy will be successful.”

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