Victorian couple score prized Ooshie, then destroy it

It’s one of the rarest and most sought after collectable toys going around.

But a Victorian farmer who got his hands on one has cut it up on live television in a big ‘up yours’ to online trolls.

Stephen Black and his partner Melissa Portingale scored one of the prized furry Simba Ooshie toys after shopping at Woolworths.


There’s only 100 of them doing the rounds and the couple got number one of 100, adding even more value to it.

Others have been selling the toys online for tens of thousands of dollars so the couple decided to offer theirs for sale.

They wanted about $5000 and planned to use the money to buy much needed water and other supplies for their farm.

But the response shocked them.

“We were sort of really desperate for money to help the farm so we put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to buy it,” Melissa told the Nine Network

“We said we were asking about $5000 for it and people were disgusted, the abuse started and it was just hate and suicidal threats and some really awful things were said.”

Image | Facebook

The couple then decided to change tactics and instead offered to simply trade the toy for water, but the abuse didn’t stop.

Melissa says they’ve been hurt by the online trolls.

“Especially when you’re pushed to the limits as it is, and your mental state at the best of time is really really stretched then you get the abuse on top of it its very difficult especially when we’re just trying to do what we can to survive, it’s very un-Australian.”

The couple then announced they would no longer sell the toy, before Stephen took a pair of scissors to it and destroyed it.

“If we were on the edge like some of the farmers are that have taken their lives because it got too much, this stuff may have pushed us over the edge.

“We are taking a stand against this online bullying. It’s just not on.”