Victorian millionaire thrown in hotel quarantine after docking yacht on Gold Coast

A Victorian millionaire and his six guests have been forced into hotel quarantine at their own expense, after trying to bypass the state border closures on a super yacht.

Construction magnate Mark Simonds travelled from the coronavirus hot spot aboard the vessel Lady Pamela, arriving on the Gold Coast on Monday August 24.

He reportedly declared the group had not been to a hot spot over the last two weeks, as they’d all quarantined aboard the vessel.


Queensland Health then granted an exemption, allowing them to dock on the Gold Coast and avoid hotel quarantine.

But it was since revealed yesterday that various members of the group had been to shore in several spots in New South Wales within the last two weeks, details that were omitted from the exemption request.

Queensland Health officials have since reviewed this information, and revoked the exemption.

“Following further information submitted to Queensland Health, the Chief Health Officer has revoked her exemption for seven people aboard the Lady Pamela vessel,” a spokesperson said.

“All seven people are now required to quarantine in a government approved hotel for 14 days at their own expense.

“Attempting to bypass or manipulate Queensland’s border direction is unacceptable,” they added.