Victorian mother banned from IVF treatment

ALEX HEINKE reports.

A Victorian mother with a history of emotional abuse and neglect has been barred from accessing IVF treatment.

The mother of six had an order made against her after child protection officers removed four of her children from her care.


She and her partner, who has four adult children of his own, appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have the ruling overturned but failed.

There would be significant welfare concerns and it would not be in the best interest of a child for the couple to undergo IVF, the tribunal said this month.

The woman, known only as TRV, had a history of emotional abuse, medical and environmental neglect and exposure to family violence, the VCAT panel said.

Victorian law requires couples to prove they are fit to be parents before undergoing IVF.

Child protection’s involvement with the woman meant there was already a “presumption against treatment” relating to the disability support pensioner.

There is no order in relation to her partner of five years, TPW, who works full-time as a security guard.