Victorian officials set to announce lockdown extension details today

There are fears the Victorian lockdown will be extended through the weekend, as authorities continue to grapple with the rapid spread of the Indian variant.

It’s understood that senior government ministers have received a briefing from health officials overnight about how an extension will work.

Currently, the seven-day lockdown is still due to finish at midnight tomorrow night, Thursday, June 3.


Most are hoping to have clarity in today’s press conference about whether or not the lockdown will extend through the weekend.

Victorian authorities yesterday reported that they’re increasingly concerned about the rapid spread of the Indian variant, confirming there has been transmission through very limited contact.

It could have been as simple a people walking past each other in a shop.

The length of a lockdown extension has been debated at a cabinet meeting overnight, with health officials presenting options to have it in place until early next week.

Victorian regional leaders are calling for country areas to be spared, as there have been no new cases outside of the city.

Authorities will provide another update later today.

Today’s numbers are not yet known.

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And do the authorities ever watch world news? No wait. The only important (news) is about anything that happens in Australia, such as Australian landmark seen from space. . The new Indian strain has been reported in other countries for weeks to be extremely contagious, more than any of the other strains. I doubt any state will be spared unless they close the borders again and we can also kiss goodbye to our Transtasman bubble. If only this government had bought the right vaccine in the first place with enough to vaccinate those who need it.

if only Victoria had a decent contact tracing system, decent quarantine system, and some one who can look at NSW and see how it should be done, then there just may be a chance of some reasonable outcome, still this labour mob were voted in so they are stuck with them