Victorians in support of closing borders to South Australia

The Victorian government is under increasing pressure to close their borders to South Australia, as the COVID cluster in Adelaide continues to grow.

Twenty cases of the virus were confirmed yesterday, with another 14 suspected cases.

Around 4,000 people are in quarantine awaiting their testing results.


While federal authorities were quick to criticise states such as WA, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Queensland for slapping in place border restrictions so quickly, it’s now been revealed that Victoria could be next.

A new survey has found that 54 percent of Victorians would support a closed border to South Australia, so as not to risk another outbreak.

Victorian Health officials have this morning urged South Australians to cancel their non-essential travel across the border, and are setting up testing sites at border crossings for all freight drivers.

New South Wales was the other state that said it would not close its border to South Australia, but the Premier has this morning asked her citizens to reconsider non-essential travel as well.

An update on the latest virus numbers from Adelaide is expected later today.