Victoria’s Health Minister resigns over hotel quarantine failures

Victoria’s Health Minister has resigned from Parliament, over the failures of the hotel quarantine program that led to the deadly second wave of coronavirus.

Jenny Mikakos has put out a statement this morning, saying she’s stepping down effective immediately.

It comes after Premier Daniel Andrews told the Board of Inquiry that Minister Mikakos was responsible for the decision to bring in private security rather than the ADF to monitor hotels, which ultimately led to the devastating outbreak which has left Victorians in strict lockdown for months.


Mikakos says there were matters her department should have briefed her on, but takes full responsibility and the buck stops with her.

“I have always put everything into my Ministerial responsibilities. I have never wanted to leave a job unfinished but in light of the Premier’s statement to the Board of Inquiry and the fact that there are elements in it that I strongly disagree with, I believe that I cannot continue to serve in his cabinet,” her statement reads.

“I have never shirked my responsibility for my department but it is not my responsibility alone.

“I am disappointed that my integrity has sought to be undermined. I know that my statement and evidence would have been uncomfortable for some.

“I am deeply sorry for the situation that Victorians find themselves in. In good conscious, I do no believe that my actions led to them,” Mikakos said.

Read her full statement below:

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