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VIDEO: 10yo boy and 7yo girl singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ will give you goosebumps

TWO children have blown audiences away while competing in a singing competition in China.

The breath taking duet is now going viral online, with viewers amazed at the talent that the youngsters possess.


Jeffrey Li from Canada is only 10-years-old and his singing partner, Celine Tam from Hong Kong is only 7-years-old.

The performance of “You Raise Me Up” will be sure to give you goosebumps.


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So beautiful–a little bit of heaven came to earth.

Absolute wonderful, they will have a future for sure. God bless them.

My heart is in my throat. These children have a wonderful talent (I hope they won the contest).

God has given these two youngsters a voice that has come down from heaven to us on earth in order to remind us that we are able to praise Him no matter whether we have a singing talent or not. May these two angels bring heaven down where ever they go through out their lives.

Sitting here with tears running down my face…..They certainly have a future!
Just beautiful kids!