VIDEO: Adele teases new song ‘When We Were Young’

We have been given a taste of Adele’s new song…and it’s amazing.

The British singer is set to perform the previously-unheard song ‘When We Were Young’ on 60 minutes this Sunday.

In a preview clip released ahead of her appearance on the Channel Nine show, Adele can be heard singing part of her powerful new ballad in her studio.


Take a look here:

If you don’t want to watch the full clip, someone has cut just the new song out:

In addition to performing the new track, Adele will also open up to reporter Liz Hayes in an emotional interview where she will reveal just how hard her fight to get to the top of the music world has been.

To see the full chat with Adele and her full performance, tune in to 60 Minutes on Channel 9 this Sunday at 8.10pm.