VIDEO: Aussie legends deliver cold drinks to roadside workers on scorching hot day

Two Aussie ‘legends’ are gaining praise from around the nation after video of them handing out ice-cold drinks to road-side employees working during Melbourne’s record-breaking heatwave went viral.

Jamal Chaban and Lennon Schipano felt sorry for a group of men working through 40-degree heat wearing long sleeve shirts, so they decided to make their job a little easier by delivering freshly refrigerated bottles of Powerade.

The kind gesture was caught on film and uploaded to Facebook on Friday.


“What are we dropping off,” Jamil asks Lennon in the video.

“Cold Powerades for the boys,” Lennon replies. “Here you go boys, they’re your drinks,” he yells out the window to the grateful workers.

The workers hailed the boys as ‘legends’ describing the heat that day as ”unbearable’.

Lennon hopes his act of kindness inspires others.

“Being a human doesn’t cost anything and people should have a bit of compassion,” he told Yahoo7.