VIDEO: Be driveway aware these school holidays

RACQ has reminded motorists to be on the lookout for children playing around neighbourhood streets as Queensland school holidays continued.

RACQ’s Renee Smith said while children were taking a break from their normal school routines, drivers needed to be extra careful especially in driveways.

“Unfortunately around three children are injured in low-speed incidents every week in Queensland, many of them in driveways and car parks,” Ms Smith said.


“Research shows young children lack spatial awareness of the dangers of a moving vehicle and if the driver is unable to see them on a driveway, a tragedy can occur in an instant.

“Of course we know kids should be taught from a very young age how to be safe around cars, however the reality is children are unpredictable so motorists need to be alert and prepared for the unexpected.”

Ms Smith said driveway incidents most commonly occurred when young children were left playing unsupervised or ran into the path of the moving vehicle.

Poor reversing visibility added to the difficulty of the driver seeing the child before it was too late.

Ms Smith said the following steps could be taken to help reduce driveway risk:
Always supervise children, especially around areas near parked or moving vehicles
Ensure young children play in a safe area separated from the driveway
Always thoroughly check around the vehicle before getting in and moving it
Put your child in the car with you if you’re home alone and need to move the car
Install rear visibility cameras or sensors on your car to assist in overcoming blind spots
Educate children about driveway safety.