VIDEO: Boozed up drug-affected schoolies are keeping volunteers busy

Alcohol and drug-affected teens are keeping paramedics extremely busy at schoolies this year.

QAS spokesperson Justin Payne told myGC: “Significantly intoxicated people account for the majority of our workload this year, as per normal at schoolies.”

He continued: “Unnecessary risk-taking behaviour is the thing we are most concerned about here.”


If not requiring medical care, teens affected by booze and drugs at schoolies may find their way into the Drug Arm recharge zone.

Manned by volunteers, it’s a safe place where school leavers can rest, sober up and receive support.

When they aren’t busy helping kids recuperate, the Drug Arm volunteers also spend time gathering data for the Schoolies Research Project.

The project analyses what risk taking behaviours schoolies are involving themselves with and compares it with data taken in previous years.

Find out more about what volunteers experience at Schoolies and what they use the research for in the video below: