VIDEO: Bull shark washes up in murky floodwaters north of Gold Coast

In case you needed another reason to stay out of floodwaters across the southeast, another video has emerged showing a bull shark washed up on a suburban street in Logan.

The live video was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday by Logan City Councillor Steve Swenson.

“Please stay out of the water. Here’s the reason why. Bull Shark in Leslie Pde, Slacks Creek,” Mr Swenson wrote.


The Councillor said the shark was already dead when he found it, and that officers had been contacted.

“To put some concerned people’s minds at rest, the shark was already dead when I got there.

“I contacted officers to come and remove it so that it doesn’t smell and contaminate the water further”.


It comes just days after a bull shark washed up on a street in Ayr in north Queensland following ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie.

If that doesn’t give you a good enough reason to stay out of floodwater I don’t know what will!

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