VIDEO: Caitlyn Jenner breaks down in tears over not being invited to Kylie’s graduation

Caitlyn Jenner has confronted Kris Jenner about why she wasn’t invited to Kylie’s graduation earlier this year.

In a new teaser for I Am Cait, the 65 year-old breaks down in tears, saying she was hurt she didn’t get asked to join in on the celebration.

“I was so disappointed in everybody. For 15 years of my life, I carpooled the kids every day. Some days, I would spend three or four hours in the car. [It’s] a slap in the face when you don’t even get invited to their graduation,” she said.


Kris revealed she was still hurting over Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair article, saying, “usually people that get a divorce don’t do everything together. It wasn’t malicious, it didn’t intend to hurt anybody’s feelings, but my feelings still weren’t healed.”