VIDEO: Cute pooch in the dog house after Qld driver cops fine

A man has been fined after he was busted driving with his dog on his lap on a road in Cairns.

Police recently intercepted the red ute after spotting the small dog siting on his owner’s lap while travelling along the Bruce Highway.

“While the pup looked to be enjoying himself with the wind in his fur, officers were concerned for the pooch’s safety and the driver’s ability to travel safely with such an excitable distraction,” Qld police said.


As a result, the 57-year-old man was fined $311 for driving with a person or animal in their lap.

The incident has prompted police to remind motorists that it is illegal to travel with an unrestrained animal.

“Despite the fact that our furry friends can be very distracting, it’s also important to put the safety of all road users and our passengers (two-legged or four) first when getting behind the wheel,” police said.