VIDEO: Ellen blasts Harry Styles for lying about Taylor Swift during ‘Never Have I Ever’

The boys of One Direction are good at keeping secrets, especially when it comes to their private lives – so Ellen DeGeneres, being the celebrity whisperer she is, decided to play a sneaky game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ to try and get the boys to reveal details we’re all dying to know.

The game got off to a bit of a shaky start, with Harry failing to follow the rules.

Ellen asked him and One Direction’s three other members Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson if any of them had songs written about them. Harry said no (which we know isn’t true considering his very public split with Taylor Swift) and Ellen blasted him for it.


As the game progressed the boy’s were good sports and began to reveal perhaps, a little too much….

DeGeneres asked them the following questions:

• Never have I ever had someone write a song about me.

• Never have I ever gotten a tattoo that I regret.

• Never have I ever made out with someone double my age.

• Never have I ever used one of my bandmates’ toothbrush without telling them.

• Never have I ever dated someone that another band member dated.

• Never have I ever gone skinny dipping in a hotel pool.

• Never have I ever hooked up with a fan.

• Never have I ever sent a naughty text to the wrong person.

• Never have I ever lied about who I was

To find out their answers, watch the video below!