VIDEO: Facebook launches new 360-degree video feature for news feed

FACEBOOK has today announced it is rolling out 360-degree videos in its news feed.

The new feature was introduced online, accompanied by a video demonstrating the features abilities.

“Our goal at Facebook is to connect you with the people and things that matter, every single day. Over time, we’ve seen that people enjoy more immersive content in their News Feeds. This is one reason video has been so successful on Facebook, and we’re excited to take it a step further with 360 video,” the post read.


“To create 360 videos, a special set of cameras is used to record all 360 degrees of a scene simultaneously.”

“This means that when the video is playing on Facebook, you can choose what angle you want to see it from.”

“On the web you can do this by dragging around the video with your cursor, and on mobile devices you do it by dragging with your finger — or even just by turning your device.”

“You’ll be able to hold up your phone and the 360 video will follow you as you turn, looking around, to experience things from all over the world like never before.”

The new feature currently only works on desktop and some Android mobile devices, however Facebook are working to roll out the feature for iOS in the coming months.

Posted by 360 Videos on Facebook on Tuesday, September 22, 2015