VIDEO: Glitter Festival gets off to sparkly start on the Gold Coast!

The Gold Coast’s first ever gay, lesbian, bi, trans, intersex and queer festival is about to begin.

Glitter festival will get off to a sparkly start tonight at The Arts Centre Gold Coast and the fabulous events will continue right throughout the week.

Joel Kennedy, who spotlights as drag queen Imogen Nation, told myGC he was thrilled to be involved in the festival. “It’s good to have the community come together. There’s just so much positivity being around people that are the same as you going to the same things,” he said.


Joel also gave myGC the opportunity to film his transformation from man to queen….and boy is it amazing. The whole process takes Joel over 2 hours to complete, but it’s putting on lipstick that he hates the most. “I hate lipstick, but i recently discovered liquid lipstick that goes on like paint and then dries matte. It’s my new best friend.”

Take a look at Joel transforming into a drag queen in the video below:

Find out more about Glitter Festival here: