VIDEO: Hilarious caller gets confused with Father’s Day question on radio

Some people freak out when put on the spot, others stumble, and for some… well, maybe they’re just way too excited that they’re live on air that they don’t even understand the question in the first place.

In this case, a ‘Jeopardy’ style radio competition of ‘Reverse Trivia’ turned into a viral hit after a woman became really, really confused at a simple question.

Sometimes people just need a little help to get the answer right, but in this case a lot of help was needed!


Leading up to Father’s Day, New Zealand radio station More FM played a little game of Reverse Trivia where they gave listeners the answer to a question and then asked them what the question would be.

One woman thought she had it in the bag, but after two minutes everyone was left in stitches of laughter (and frustration) when she just couldn’t quite understand what was going on.