VIDEO: Holograms of disabled people appear if you try and park in their carpark

In Russia, it has been revealed that more than 30% of drivers disregard disabled parking spaces without caring about the signs on the ground.

To stop those inconsiderate drivers, a brilliant non-profit organisation came up with a campaign that reminded drivers who those disabled parking spots are actually for.


Proving how far technology has come, Dislife installed holograms of a real disabled person that popped up every time a non-disabled driver tried to park in their space.

To make the holograms even more realistic than they look, audio would also play: ‘What are you doing? I’m not just a sign on the ground. Don’t pretend that I don’t exist. Why are you surprised? This is a parking spot for the disabled’.

If common courtesy won’t do the trick, being shamed by the disabled person whose spot you’re taking just might!