VIDEO: Hurricane Maria rips through Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has slammed into Puerto Rico, ripping out windows, flooding areas of the city and downing power across the capital of San Juan.

There is a growing risk of disease as the city’s sewage lines have started to spew back through toilets.

The Hurricane started as a category four storm with winds reaching 250km per hour, it has since been downgraded to a category two storm but is still expected to punish the island for the next 12-18 hours.


The high winds and driving storm surges have left 3.4 million people on the island seeking safety in shelters.

The vicious storm has caused massive financial stress on the US territory, and the government warned it was running out of money.

It is struggling to restructure a portion of its $90 billion debt and the Governor, Ricardo Rossello, asked US President Donald Trump to declare the island a disaster zone, a step which would open the way for federal aid.

Vision from the International Space Station shows the vast extent of the storm.

The island is often spared from hurricanes, which tend to veer north or south of Puerto Rico.

Before Maria, the last category four hurricane to make landfall in Puerto Rico occurred in 1932.