VIDEO: Jesinta Campbell speaks out in support of Adam Goodes

Former Miss Universe Jesinta Campbell has come out in support of Adam Goodes on The Today Show.

The Gold Coast model shared her thoughts on the breakfast television show after reports the veteran indigenous AFL player is considering retiring from the game due to relentless booing at games.

The 23-year-old, who is engaged to Adam’s teammate and fellow indigenous AFL player Buddy Franklin, said she believed racism was behind the booing.


‘Booing is a public form of bullying. Adam has come out and said it is affecting him and everyone needs to stop,’ she said.

The stunning brunette then thanks Adam for speaking out about indigenous rights.

‘My future children are going to be indigenous and because of his courage and his passion he is creating a better future not only my children, but all indigenous children,’ she said.

‘So for that I have to say Adam you are a champion on the field, off the field and I will stand by you.’