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VIDEO: Man discovers he is going to be grandfather during lip reading game

An expecting mother has found an adorable and extremely entertaining way to announce the news to her dad that he is going to be a grandfather.

Alexa Goolsby from Texas decided to announce the exciting news that she and her husband were expecting, during a game of lip reading on family game night.

The heartwarming video, which shows the mum and dad trying to guess what their daughter is saying while wearing earphones, was uploaded to YouTube with the caption: “My parents perfect reaction to our baby announcement! Shout out to Jimmy Fallon for the game idea!”


In the clip, mum Sharla Wood Anderson, gets it the first time by shouting ‘I am pregnant,’ however Alexa’s father, Robert, is way off with his guess of: ‘Pied Piper?’ and ‘You’re going to the beach?’.

At the end of the game, the shocked grandfather-to-be finally gets it, and jumps from his seat before running around to his daughter to give her a big congratulatory hug – awww!