VIDEO: Miss Colorado reminds us why nurses deserve our recognition

Last week, Miss Colorado stood before the judges at the Miss America pageant and showed us that she is more than ‘just a nurse’.

Instead of singing or dancing, Kelley Johnson chose to speak about what is believes she a real talent – caring for sick people.

Take a look about what Kelley had to say in the video below.


Following her performance at the pageant, many questioned Kelley’s choice of doing a monologue instead of showing off a traditional talent.

“I am a nurse and that’s my talent, taking care of people and caring about other people,” the 22-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show. “I wanted to give the nurses that don’t have that voice, that voice and that recognition of somebody going up there and just being a little bit different and unique.”

Here at 1029 Hot Tomato, we too want to help give local nurses recognition for the hardwork they do every single day. It’s why we have developed the Gold Coast Nursing Awards, which helps us celebrate the amazing work nurses do. If you have had a nurse or midwife make a difference in the life of you or your family, nominate them at